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1st Annual Wilson Fine Violins

Viola Workshop Week

Monday April 13 - Saturday April 18


Come join us for a week long event celebrating Metro Detroit’s Violists!



Monday-Friday 11:00-6:00, Thursday 11:00-8:00 and Saturday 10:00-3:00


Violists that make an appearance with their instrument will be offered the following:


· Free Tonal Adjustments

· Free peg adjustments

· Free instrument inspection

· Free String Trials

· Watch as your bow is rehaired (please make an appointment)

· Bring a friend with their own instrument and receive a Free Rosin


String Trials

The type of strings you use on your instrument can dramatically change the sound of your instrument. Try any brand of string on your viola for free. We will put them on free of charge and if you don’t like how they sound, we will put your old ones right back on.


Bow Workshop

Learn how viola bows are cambered and get a chance to play on the most recently

completed viola bow made by the store owner Robert Wilson. Have your bow rehaired while you watch, but don't forget to make an appointment for this opportunity.


Instrument Workshop

Play on our newly expanded selection of violas.  We have added several new

instruments to our collection this month just for this event. Receive a tonal adjustment on your own viola at no cost this week!


Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. Gourmet coffee and snacks will be provided. Help us make this event an annual celebration by showing up to participate!





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